Project Management

GPS Project Management Pyramid

GPS Project Org chart

Before the project start

Before our client award the rig manufacturer, we do the following:
  • Evaluate the rig builder based on qualification matrix
  • Assist our client in negotiating legal contract terms
  • Ensure contract technical requirements are detailed
  • Develop the following for the contract exhibits:
    • Project KPI
    • Level 3 Gantt chart
    • Project construction codes
    • Project ITP
    • Project coating procedure
    • Subcontractors work control
    • List of FAT activities
    • List of commissioning activities
    • A detailed list of the project documentation package

During the project execution

  • Manage the projects as per the contract requirements.
  • Develop level 4 Gantt chart with the rig manufacturer.
  • Validate and control project scope.
  • Update, monitor, and control the project schedule.
  • Monitor and control project cost and procurement.
  • Manage and control the project quality as per the approved ITP.
  • Identify, control, and monitor the project risks.
  • Develop and communicate a detailed weekly report to the project stakeholders that include the following updates :
    • HSE
    • Actions completed
    • Actions in progress
    • Project schedule
    • Project procurement
    • Project fabrication
    • Project coating
    • Project FAT
    • Project quality control
    • Rig up and assembly
    • Project commissioning
    • Packing
    • Project risks
    • Project documentation package
    • Projects pictures

After project completion

Develop and submit the project End report that includes the following:
  • Project background
  • Project highlights
  • Project success
  • Project pitfalls
  • Project metric performance
  • Project best practices
  • Project worst practices
  • Recommendations for the next project