Quality Management

GPS Quality Management Pyramid

Establishment of QMS for our partners

  • Perform a quality gap analysis.
  • Establish, implement, maintain, and document Quality Management Systems that meet API standard requirements to attain API monogram certificates.
  • Conduct quality training sessions for our partners’ staff.
  • Prepare our partner staff for API audit.
  • Perform internal and supplier audits.
  • Represent our partner in API audits.

Project Quality Management

  • Evaluate the QMS of the Rig manufacturer and its subcontractors.
  • Perform the following pre-manufacturing activities
    • Detail the project ITP
    • Review/feedback on fabrication drawings
    • Review/approve WPS/PQR
    • Review welder qualification
    • Review manufacturing processes
    • Review equipment calibration
  • Material Control
    • Review and approve material test reports
    • Perform receiving inspection
    • Witness and approve material lab testing
  • Fabrication quality control:
    • Ensure proper control over the Welding consumables
    • Witness and approve the fit-up inspection
    • Perform dimensional verification
    • Control welding process
    • Review and approve heat treatment reports
    • Assembly inspection
  • Witness, review, and approve the following NDE tests:
    • VT
    • MT
    • PT
    • Radiographic Testing (RT)
    • Positive Material Identification (PMI)
    • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
  • Witness, review, and approve the following tests:
    • Leak test
    • Pull test
    • Pressure test
    • Load test
  • Coating inspection
    • Detail the coating ITP
    • Review and approve coating procedures
    • Control coating activities

Electrical Quality Control

  • Review/feedback on the Electrical drawings
  • Perform receiving inspection of electrical parts
  • Perform the following activities
  • Visual inspection
  • Verify:
    • Cable sizing
    • Proper cable connections and wiring
    • Cable and parts labeling
    • The setting of protection circuits
    • Proper installation of components and equipment
    • Grounding systems
    • Appropriate surge protection
  • Perform the following:
    • Insulation test
    • Resistance test
    • Withstand voltage test
    • Smoke detectors test

FAT & Commissioning

  • Witness and document the FAT & Commissioning activities
  • Document and report any defects (punches)
  • Ensure all defects are fixed before rig shipping

Project documentation package 

  • Follow up and monitor the documentation package progress
  • Review/approve documentation package
  • Review/approve as-built drawings

Packing inspection

  • Verify packing list
  • Perform packing inspection
  • Document any defects
  • Ensure all defects are fixed