GPS key team members



Nezar Eldib founded Advanced Project Inc. (API) and Global Petroleum Service Inc. (GPS). He has held senior leadership roles in multiple oil and gas companies in Canada, the USA, China, UAE, Oman, and Egypt. During his 28 years of experience, Nezar managed corporate operations with specialized expertise in safety, design, lean manufacturing, maintenance, risk and asset management, and financial responsibility. He managed more than 45 turnkey new rig construction projects. Nezar is a co-inventor and holder of two patents for Drilling Rig walking systems in the USA. Prior to GPS, Nezar worked for Global Santa Fe, Egyptian Drilling Company, Nabors Canada, Columbia Industries, and ADNOC Drilling. Nezar has a proven record of establishing and maintaining quality management systems as per API Q1, Q2, 4F, 16D, and 8C at Academy Services- a division of Nabors Canada, Columbia Industries, UCANU, GPS, and Surefire Industries. Nezar has a unique talent for designing and manufacturing land rig BOP control systems. Nezar is a licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer in Canada and an active member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).



Prior to GPS, Magdi was a project quality manager at ADNOC drilling in Abu Dhabi, Germanischer LLOYD in Qatar & Abu Dhabi, and the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority. He has thirty-five years of work experience in quality assurance, quality control, and asset integrity management, as well as experience managing substantial value onshore and offshore projects. He led the implementation of the project QMS for the construction & commissioning of 42 offshore/onshore drilling rigs, major rig maintenance projects, offshore jackets, gas plants, marine pipelines, and pressure vessels. Also, he managed the construction & commissioning of the second Egyptian nuclear research reactor, 22-Mega Watt (ETRR-2). Magdi has excellent experience in conducting audits and ensuring the closeout of audit findings, surveying and inspection of the land and offshore rigs, procurement quality control, material selection & corrosion control, welding & coating inspection, heat treatment, NDT, Risk-Based Inspection (RBI), plant Inspection, failure analysis, and nuclear industry. Magdi has excellent knowledge of all the quality codes and standards such as API, AWS, ASME, NACE, and classification of society’s rules and regulations (ABS, DNV/GL). Magdi holds a bachelor's degree in Nuclear Engineering.



Andy is a Professional Project Manager with thirteen years of experience in rig fabrication, assembly, FAT, and commissioning. He has significant experience serving as a senior lead on multiple projects and has unique expertise in planning, manufacturing, quality, and customer services. He has strong project management, leadership, and critical thinking skills to drive and manage change by leading others and encouraging the appropriate actions. Andy was awarded the Outstanding Contribution Award for the NDC 3000HP island walking drilling rig project in Sichuan Honghua Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. Andy holds a Bachelor's degree in International Drilling and a PMP certificate in Project Management Institute.



Disciplined and insightful project planner with bachelor's degrees in Accounting, International Economics and Trade, and Prataculture, and 15+ years of professional experience in international business, including seven years experience in drilling rig construction projects. Jessica worked with a multicultural team on 39 land rig construction projects at Bomco. She has not only gained experience in Project Management and administration but also gained deep international work experience. Before GPS, Jessica worked at Xian Sincere Industry Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Yameixin International Business Co., Ltd., and ADNOCO Drilling. Jessica has strong expertise in planning drilling rig construction projects, sales services, and coordinating all activities related to the document control procedure. She holds certificates in Accounting Professional, Risk management, M.S. project, QMS, and HSE.



Danielle has nine excellent years of experience in the petroleum industry. Before GPS, she worked for Dongying Kaiyuan Safety Evaluation Co., with exceptional supply chain management, document control, and project coordination expertise. She has excellent communication skills in Chinese a Ltd. She has excellent English and outstanding experience in safety assessment, petrochemical plant inspection, and the development of gas station safety plans. She is a registered safety engineer with a bachelor's degree in automation and a certificate in safety evaluation engineering.


Executive Assistant

Dariia has ten years of work experience in professional technical literature translation, teaching, and office administration. She can translate texts of various spheres and topics, edit and check translations and multiple texts, and possess translation techniques of socio-political, fiction, and technical literature. Dariia has excellent experience in project planning and coordination, Microsoft Office, MS Project, and Adobe Acrobat, and communication skills in Russian, Ukrainian, and English. She holds a bachelor's degree in English philology and a master's in Linguistics.



Dedicated, result-oriented Senior Mechanical Engineer with excellent experience in project engineering management, with an extensive 14 years of experience leading drilling rig design, fabrication, FAT, commissioning, and technical support of bidding projects. Has a remarkable ability to review and edit all mechanical drawings and documents. Proven ability to work well in teams and independently takes the initiative on complex tasks and has outstanding technical problem-solving skills. Collaborated with multi-discipline, cross-functional engineering teams to produce efficient mechanical system design, component design, manufacturability, and integration, reducing project costs. Having a high level of work and qualifications is marked by many awards and certificates. Have excellent knowledge of applicable rig manufacturing standards like API, GB, PDO, ASME, etc. Has exceptional AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, SAFI, and Adobe software knowledge. Yang has a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Sichuan University, China.



Jerry is a senior electrical engineer with fourteen years of experience in electrical Rig design, assembly, FAT, commissioning, troubleshooting, and repair. He has an outstanding ability to review and verify electrical drawings and documents and an excellent understanding of electrical installation techniques and troubleshooting. With his superb experience in rig FAT and commissioning, he has communication skills in Chinese and English. He worked with international drilling contractors and held a bachelor's degree in Electrical Automation and Engineering.



Experienced Senior Mechanical Engineer with a background in drilling rigs, technical sales, and technical product management. He possesses strong communication and leadership skills. Knowledgeable with various rig designs and relevant standards applicable to industry standards such as API, ASME, IEC, U.L., and the Middle East's oil-specific requirements. He has abundant experience in rig performance auditing, design, assembly, FAT, and commissioning. Martian holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical and Electronics Engineering.



Senior Electrical Engineer with an excellent understanding of project implementation, electrical research, installation techniques, and problem-solving, with eight years of extensive experience in the rig and drilling industry. Aaron has outstanding skills in Rig design, assembly, FAT, commissioning, troubleshooting, and repair. Knowledgeable with rig standards such as API 505 and several IEC and PDO standards. He has worked with international Rig manufacturers. In addition, he has an exceptional ability to review and verify electrical drawings and rig electrical documentation packages. Aaron holds a Bachelor's degree in Automation.


SENIOR PROJECT coordinator 

Jasmine is a prominent project manager with 17 years of experience constructing drilling rig projects. Jasmine has substantial experience planning drilling rig construction projects, after-sales services, and managing maintenance and inspection projects.  She has excellent communication skills in Chinese and English.  Before GPS, she worked at Baoji Oilfield Machinery Co. Ltd (BOMCO), participating in +50 rig construction projects. Jasmine holds a PMP certificate and a bachelor's degree in International Economics and Trade.



Sathesh Chandran is a quality supervisor with 14 years of hands-on experience in quality control in the oil and gas industry. He participated in the quality control of more than 45 land and offshore rigs through his excellent knowledge of ASME Sec II, Sec V, Sec VIII, Sec IX, ANSI/ASME B 31.1, B 31.3, B 31.4, B 31.8, AWS D 1.1, ABS, ASTM, API, and GB standards. Sathesh has excellent experience in the fabrication, installation, and testing of process & utility piping work, pipelines, pressure vessels, and offshore steel structures like a jacket, decks, bridges, wellhead equipment, and downhole tools. He is a CSWIP 3.1 certified Welding Inspector, BGAS Grade-2 Certified Painting Inspector, and API 510 certified Pressure Vessel inspector. He is an ASNT Level II inspector for Ultrasonic Testing, Radio Graphic, Magnetic Particle, and Liquid Penetrant testing. Before GPS, he worked for DNV, Intertek, and Lamprell. Sathesh holds a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

Billy Cao 

Senior Quality Inspector

Cao Kunpeng is a disciplined and persistent quality inspector with 13 years of working experience in shipbuilding & site inspection. He understands the process and practice of shipbuilding and has experience solving problems during production, piping, and painting inspection. He is familiar with involved Class Rules, relevant regulations and shipbuilding standards, shipbuilding workmanship and process/fabrication and welding / WPS, NDT knowledge, structure, and outfitting construction process of JACKUP RIG, Wind Turbine Installation Vessel, Container Vessel, Multiple Purpose Vessel, Bulk Carrier, etc. Cao attended Systemic CWI training conducted by B.V. and got a CWI certificate, and he also holds a diploma in Material Science & Engineering.

P. Chandra

Senior Quality Inspector

P. Chandra has a career spanning 25 years of demonstrated success in Quality inspection. Before GPS, Chandra worked for Auro Tech Inspection Services & Co, India; Intertek MOODY, Abu Dhabi UAE; Germanischer Lloyd, Abu Dhabi; Clough International, OMV, New Zealand. He is a CSWIP 3.2 Sr. certified Welding Inspector, BGAS-CSWIP Grade-2 Certified Painting Inspector, API 510 certified Pressure Vessel Inspector, and TOFD and Phased Array – Olympus Certified. He is an ASNT Level II inspector for Ultrasonic, Radio Graphic, Magnetic Particle, and Liquid Penetrant testing. P. Chandra holds a diploma in Mechanical Engineering.